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A Journey Through the Ranks

Bat Yam, Session 1

Bat Yam, Session 1

by Molly Minnen

6 Points Sports Academy found me the way it found most people. I walked out of Sunday school class, relishing a break from Hebrew lessons, and stumbled upon a meeting about a new Jewish sports camp set to open in a few months. I decided snack time could wait and sat down next to the then current camp director Randy Colman. Little did I know the flyers, stories, and words of reassurance this man provided me would change my life. Having just finished my first year of public high school without the support that my Jewish middle school had afforded me, I was yearning for a community just like the one displayed on the 6 Points flyers. With the support of Randy and my parents I decided to leave home for the first time and spend twelve days in a camp no one had been to before.

Being a camper the first session of the first year of 6 Points was like moving into a new home. With only about fifty campers from all age groups, the entire camp could hold hands and fit around the 200’s dorm circle on shabbat, cheer in two rows of bleachers during Maccabiah, and sit around eight tables in the chadar ochel (dinning hall). Even with this tiny group of people making up the camp community, the ruach of the summer of 2010 was something I had never experienced before. I was so moved by the passion of everyone at camp for their sports, their Judaism, and their 6 Points family, I could not help but return as a camper, then a CIT (counselor in training), and now a counselor.

About two weeks ago I completely gave up my role as a camper here and entered into the new role of counselor and assistant coach. Though many struggles presented themselves last summer while I was a CIT and I began to pull away from the camp life I had known…and could no longer wait for someone else to drag me out of bed in the morning…the transition to staff member has served as a catalyst to help me become the person I will need to be in college and beyond. Though it was lovely having someone else take care of all your needs, having the chance to care for others and watch them grow as I did not that long ago is a gift I will cherish for years to come.

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