Blog  Shabbat Blog Week 1

Shabbat Blog Week 1

by Alan Friedman, Camp Director

On Tuesday morning at 10:00am as a line of cars stretched down Hobbs Road in Greensboro North Carolina the gates opened and close to 200 campers from 30 different states arrived as 6 Points Sports Academy began its fourth summer.  As the new 6 Points Sports camp director I’ve waited nine months for this day to come, and it was a great day.  Campers and their parents spent the morning moving in and getting settled.  Once lunch time came around all of the parents departed, shedding a few tears here and there, but all with big smiles knowing their kids were going to have an unforgettable two weeks.

Our campers are here for sports and sports is what they got.  We’ve assembled an incredible coaching and counselor staff that put our campers through great training sessions in baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, swimming and cheer & dance.  Everyone trained hard, sweated a lot, learned new skills and continued to come back wanting even more.  It is incredible to watch our campers strive to be better athletes as they continue to build and develop new skills.

One of 12 different Jewish values is introduced each morning to our campers.  These values are woven into the fabric of everything we do.  This week we introduced kehilah (community), ne’emanut (loyalty) and gevurah (courage).  These values are played out in many different ways throughout the week.  Campers earn value bracelets in recognition for going above and beyond with their words and actions on the courts and fields, and in their dorms.

Last night we came together as a community to welcome Shabbat.  Even with a little rain that forced us inside we still had a wonderful service.  The rain broke and we moved back outside for a ruach (spirited) filled song session followed by s’mores at our weekly campfire.

This morning after a late wake up and morning t’fillah our campers had some dorm bonding time.  This afternoon we experienced an incredible Israel program created by our Israeli shlichim (counselors) followed by dorm sports activities.

The Israeli Scouts Tzofim Friendship Caravan joined us for Shabbat.  The Caravan is a summer delegation of ten teenagers sent from Israel traveling across the United States and Canada bringing Israeli culture, music and dance, as well as a message of peace.  Everyone enjoyed a Saturday afternoon Caravan presentation of song and dance.

Tonight we ended Shabbat with Havdallah and our weekly video slideshow put together by Heidi our camp photographer.  Shabbat is a very special time for our camp community.  It is a time when we get a chance to relax and take a break from the regular week.  Now that Shabbat is over our campers are ready to get back to training.  Tomorrow we get right back into sports majors.  Everyone is a looking forward to a great week of sports and fun.

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