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Shmirat Haguf – Wellness at Camp

by J.J. Greenstein, Counselor/Assistant Coach

One of our values at camp this summer is Shmirat Haguf, or wellness. Obviously at a sports camp, fitness and wellness is a main focus and here at 6 Points we have a unique approach to incorporating wellness into our daily routine.

We start each day with a morning stretch, which helps us to wake up our bodies, our minds and our spirits. Campers entering seventh grade or older may choose to fitness and conditioning as one of their afternoon electives. Additionally our campers have the opportunity to work out with our very own fitness instructor. Lital Palchik, an Israeli shlicha (Israeli Counselor), serves as our fitness instructor and has been helping our coaches add a healthy amount of fitness to the sport majors. When Lital visits one of the sport majors, our campers and staff know they are in for a challenge. Lital designs cardiovascular circuits for her participants to work through as a team.

Shmirat Haguf focuses on taking care of our bodies, as we learn from singing the Dan Nichols penned song; we were created B’tzelem Elohim, in the image of G-d. During our lailah tov (good night) program, our campers create wellness charts to hang in their rooms. The charts serve as checklists for things they could do to take care of their bodies. Examples of items on these charts were drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables, and using sunscreen. Our campers check off the categories as they complete them each day during the session.

What kinds of activities or habits do you practice for shmirat haguf?

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